DIY Scrunchies

step-by-step instructions for perfect DIY scrunchies!

instruct Hey guys!! In today’s post, I will be showing you step- by- step instructions on how to make your own DIY scrunchies!! This project is super easy and doesn’t cost much at all.

Here are the supplies you need: Fabric (any material you prefer) I get mine from and Sewing Machine Elastic

can you buy cipro over the counter Fabric Scissors

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Safety Pin

Step 1.

  1. For the first step, choose your fabric of choice. I chose a cotton fabric. Then use your ruler, measure out 4 by 18 inches of fabric. Depending on how big and thick you want your scrunchie to be, these measurements may vary. Then take your piece of chalk and draw a line of where you are going to cut your fabric.
measure fabric

Step 2.

2. Then, take your fabric scissors and cut out your fabric.

Step 3.

3. Once you have cut out your fabric, fold the fabric longways so that the right sides are facing inward. The pin the fabric along the center.

Step 4.

4. Once you are done pinning, sew the edge together.

Step 5.

5. Your fabric should still be inside out at this point. Take a safety pin, and pin it onto the fabric. Now scrunch your way through the fabric so that it is now facing the right way.

safety pin on fabric

Step 6.

6. Now undo the safety pin. They take your elastic, and cut it six inches in length. Add your safety pin to the end of it.

safety pin elastic

Step 7.

7.Then scrunch your way through the fabric again making sure you are holding onto both ends of the elastic.

Step 8.

8. Once the elastic has made it through. Pin them both together. You are now going to sew the band together.

Pin scrunchie together
Elastic Stitch

Step 9.

9. Once you have sewn the elastic band together. Put one side of the fabric into the other. Then fold the other side inward for a cleaner look. Now sew across.

Scrunchie end stitch

You Finished!!

YAY!!! You’ve made it to the end! I hope your DIY scrunchies turned out great!! Leave a comment down below if it did. Also let me know what other kinds of posts you would like to see in the future. Do you like these types of posts? Let me know down below. I’ll talk to you guys again soon!!

-Lauren Joelle

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